Summary: 30th Gentle Thinkers Debate (Critical Thinking)

Critical Thinking: What is it? Should it be a mandatory subject? How can we teach it? How can we measure it?

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Summary: 27th Gentle Thinkers Debate (Ends and Means)

“When do ends justify means?
Sooner or later everyone – individuals, governments, companies – has to make choices about whether to put aside certain values to achieve a desired end. Michael Pascoe, an Australian financial journalist, has recently discussed this at

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Summay: 20th Gentle Thinkers Debate (Ideologies)

“What will be the dominant ideologies of the 21st Century?

The 20th Century revolved politically around competing interpretations of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism and Fascism. These are all ways to organize the lives of people on a large scale. Are real alternatives or new interpretations likely to emerge in the challenging years ahead? What might they look like?”

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