Brexit Reveals Democracy is Naked

The Brexit debacle reveals that democracy has no clothes, but no one is willing to admit it, so everyone plays along.

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Summary: 38th Gentle Thinkers Debate (Online Privacy)

How concerned should we be about governments and corporations collecting data about us?

E.g. Wikileaks vs NSA – Both believe in gathering private information. One is a noble truthseeker. One is a filthy eavesdropper. Why the difference? When is gathering other people’s information good and when is it bad? What is the point of privacy, exactly?

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Ignorance or Influence: You Must Pick One

Someone who is spurred to action, but not to thought, is a profoundly dangerous individual.


In democracy there is a human right everyone seems to think is simple enough, but in actuality encompasses two directly contradictory ideas. I refer to, “the vote is a universal human right”. It is actually two separate rights:

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