Psychology is not Guesswork: Philosophy as Abduction

Psychology is not fair game for guessing by the layman.

An interview with astrophysicists was ended with the question, “What is creativity?” Would you end an interview with a psychologist with a question about what happens in the centre of a black hole? Questions of psychology, politics, sociology, and economics are routinely asked of completely unqualified people on the assumption that basically, anyone’s guess is worthwhile. This is horrifyingly nihilistic regarding our ability to understand humans.

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Would the Holodeck be any fun? 6. How to Make Games of Worlds

The mechanics of a virtual world are just as important as visual fidelity for becoming immersed in that world. But comparatively little attention has been given to the simulation half of the immersion equation. Many pervasive misconceptions abound.

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Would the Holodeck be any fun? 1. Myths of Immersion

I long for the day when I can actually step into a fictional world and explore it in all its glory, rather than being constrained to a narrow slice of that world. Who wouldn’t want to be immersed in the world of their favourite game? And there is plenty of attention going into how to achieve enough visual fidelity to create a sense of presence, but this ignores the interaction half of the equation. As soon as people put on a VR headset the first thing they try to do is touch something, and are immediately disappointed when their hands pass straight through it.

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