Why Are People Waiting to Die?

This Tower is Meh

How could you not be excited and interested in the ongoing construction project that is human civilisation? How can you not be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and passionately determined to place down your own brick in this massive, ever-growing edifice, and make sure that it is the largest, thickest, sturdiest brick you could possibly make it? How could you just lie down and sunbake on top of the backs of the millions of people that form the human pyramid of herculean efforts that produced our current standard of living?

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Summary: 17th Gentle Thinkers Debate (Abortion)

“In the presidential debates last year in the USA, the Republican party expressed their wish to make abortion illegal once more, with an exception for cases where pregnancy was the result of rape or abuse. Do you think this line of reasoning makes sense? Is it enforceable? Is this even an issue that warrants government involvement?”

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